Opportunity for Online Advertisers

Google’s search revenue in the UK alone has grown significantly. However, Internet users spend just 4% of their time on Google, Yahoo or Bing results pages.  With over 16 years’ experience, Additional Media provides advertisers an opportunity to put their offer in front of interested users during the other 96% of their online time.

An Additional PPC Buying Point

We offer a great long-term, additional PPC buying point for any advertiser. Our aim is to add high quality, targeted clicks and therefore broaden reach for your brand / customers. Using Additional Media to access new PPC audience in a controlled manner will increase sales, improve brand awareness, and complement your overall Search strategy.

New Reach

Over the last 5 years, we have built up access to over 700 million online searches per day across our PPC network and publishers, covering the UK and Europe. This makes Additional Media a bespoke ‘network’ offering, and a very exciting and needed additional Pay-Per-Click buying point.